The recent storms have made it rain for one business in Chino

They say, "Make hay while the sun shines," and one man in Chino is doing just that - sort of. 

Los Angeles has seen some record rains the last few weeks, making the grass grow and grow, which has given the goats of Rancho Tivo and Goat 'Er Done a chance to clear some fields up. 

George Gonzales, the Goat Man of Chino brings his herd out to fields like the one at Chaffey College to help clear brush and grass to help cut down on possible fire hazards. 

The goats aren't that discriminating, according to George, his goats will eat just about everything. "They'll eat brush mostly. They'll eat poison oak, they'll eat cactus, rose bushes, palm trees. Anything but the Oleander plant. The oleander is a poisonous plant."

It takes just one day for a herd of two hundred goats to clear one acre - but with all the recent rains, it could take longer since the grass is, "so high."

With no minimum wage, workman's comp, or pensions to fund, there's not a lot of overhead according to George. 

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