Rio is in shambles after the Olympics, Does L.A. really want this?

The Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio were full of great problems.  From poop water, to athletes getting mugged, to Ryan Lochte lying about getting mugged, green pools, Zika and more.  It was a real mess.

The closing ceremonies were only six months ago, and already several of the venues are abandoned and falling apart.

The Olympic Park is a ghost town, the lights are all off, and the athlete village is empty.

Rio was already in trouble before the Olympics began, and during the preparations for the games billions of dollars were wasted.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will blame organizers and corrupt politicians, but the IOC is just as guilty for the aftermath.

Countries are getting wise to their game, looking at the abandoned venues sitting in Athens, Beijing, and Sochi.

They're sick of the IOC's empty promises, and don't even want to bother to host the games.  It's not the prestigious thing that it once was.

Does Los Angeles really want to take on that mess?

It's between L.A. and Paris for the 2024 games.  We say just give them to Paris, it's not worth it.  But Mayor Yoga Pants has made this one of his priorities and would love to have the games here because it would look great for him.

That's the key, hosting the Olympics will only fluff up Eric Garcetti.  He hasn't taken into account the debt that will follow, because he doesn't really care about the well being of Los Angeles.

Read more at USA Today.

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