Prop 57 will lead to more than 1,000 new parolees

Prop 57 was another dangerous idea from the cow fart-filled mind of Jerry Brown, and it's going to send thousands of more dangerous criminals back out on the streets.

Brown's budget for the next fiscal year predicts 1,075 more parolees on an average daily basis than the current fiscal year.  It also predicts an additional 856 fewer prison inmates throughout the state.

That's way to many dangerous people who don't need to be let out.  How could voters approve Prop 57?! It's going to cause more death and destruction across the state.

It won by nearly 4 million votes statewide!  But when we have a death like Officer Boyer's people scratch their heads and cry, "How could this happen?"

It's because voters go along with Jerry Brown, with Eric Garcetti, with Kevin de León, and all the other backwards leaders who would rather protect criminals.

Don't vote for anything they put forward!  They don't know what it's like to live in the towns where these monsters return to when they get out of prison.  Brown and all the others are busy living in fairy tale climate change land.

It's a real shame what's happening to California.

Read more at the Record Searchlight.

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