Outrage Over Mini Horse Being Fed In A Highchair

Animal lovers everywhere are up in arms over a video of a miniature horse eating carrots while sitting in a human highchair.

The video was posted on Instagram by Suetoshi Farm in Japan.

Public response was very, very mixed.

Many people were ripping into the people.

"What stupid f***er thought this was cute. ABUSE."

"Cute but not good for their back"

"It's not funny !!! It's stupid and cruel."

Other people weren't sold on that.

"You should see the uproar you've cause on Facebook - everyone says it's animal abuse. I think it's adorable personally."

"Omg look at this pony baby - he's a child."

For us, it lands somewhere in between.  Shannon thinks the picture is really cute, but that it is physically painful for the horse.  Gary...well... Gary said, "I like horses."  So take from that what you will...

What do you think?

Read the full story at Mirror

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