Garcetti still won't talk about L.A. crime rates, would rather boast about film production

Crime rates are on the rise in the City of Los Angeles.  City Council committees are looking at putting more police officers on the streets, and neighborhoods are calling for more policing.

L.A. has a mayoral election on March 7th, and since Garcetti's trying to get re-elected, he hasn't been talking about crime rates at all.

The people running against him, like candidate Mitchell Schwartz, are talking about crime rates, but that's just too negative for Snowflake Yoga Pants.

He wants us to focus on the good stuff, like how California's film tax credit helped make 2016 a record year for filming in the City:

"If you grew up in Detroit, someone on your block worked for an auto company or was employed where autoworkers spent their paychecks.  Here in L.A., the same goes for our entertainment industry. It’s the bedrock of our middle class, putting truck drivers, electricians, makeup artists, carpenters and caterers to work. That’s who this is all about.”

The tax credit offers up to $330 million annually to local studios for keeping their productions in Los Angeles, and will run through 2020.

Garcetti spoke about the credit on a sound stage at Raleigh Studios, which ironically is home to the show Major Crimes:

“Leading the fight to triple our state film tax credit is bringing 50,000 jobs and $1.7 billion in production back home, and is a key part to our jobs strategy that has outpaced the nation in job growth and cut our unemployment rate in half."

Jerry Brown raised the credit in 2014 from $100 million.

If you live in the City of Los Angeles DO NOT VOTE FOR ERIC GARCETTI! He's been a loser of a mayor who only cares about his image and himself.

He's proud of this crumbling town that protects criminals and punishes tax payers.  End his reign!

While we're at it, if you live in Los Angeles County, VOTE NO ON MEASURE H! They don't need anymore of your tax money.

Read more at MyNewsLA.

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