Fun Is Vital When Picking A Job

Do you hate going to your job?  Is it boring and repetitive and just an all around snoozefest?  Yes?  Well, you aren't alone.

A recent Gallup survey showed that two-thirds of people do not find their job to be engaging.  Most people just do not enjoy their careers.

Interestingly, even though people are aware that they do not enjoy their current jobs, they don't seem to consider that when looking for a new job.  Unhappy employees seem to forget what makes them unhappy at their current job while applying to new places of employment.  

All they seem to consider is the pay and the opportunity for career advancement.  Understandably, that just leads people to another job that bores them, making them unhappy again.

How do you end the cycle?

It's easy.  Just follow three simple steps.

1) Pursue a career that will offer you immediate pleasures and benefits.  So, look past the money and consider the daily routine and if whether or not you will enjoy it.

2) Add pleasures to your day.  Listen to music at work.  Make friends.  Just do stuff that makes you happy.

3) Remind yourself of the daily pleasures that you already have that you may be taking for granted.  Focus on the positives and you will find more joy in your day.

Read the full story at The New York Times

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