Pucker up! Turns out kissing is so so good for you


Aside from feeling good, researchers have found that making out with your partner turns on your immune system too.

Kissing has many benefits, (even if it sounds kinda gross) one being good for your teeth. Kissing helps initiate a good saliva flow that cleans out food particles in your mouth (ewww), teeth and gums. Saliva helps sanitize the mouth from plaque and bacteria. Trips to the dentists might become less painful when kissing is a regular part of your regimen.

Kissing also is really good for your immune system. Believe it or not, new saliva entering the mouth is actually great for you. Studies show varied bacteria in our bodies connects with better health.

If you're ever in a bad mood or filled with stress, try smooching a little more. Kissing helps keep people's hormones and brain levels normal. Since kissing releases oxytocin, it stimulates calmness in humans.

Common skin and nasal allergies have shown to clear up more when partners are kissing for at least 30 minutes in a romantic setting. Being in an intimate setting and kissing reduces the allergic reactions in people.

We all know the older you get your body starts to age, but kissing can help with that too. Kissing helps delay signs of aging. Since your entire face is moving when you are passionately kissing, your face increases elasticity which stimulates collagen. This act keeps your face circulating with blood flow and kept firm much longer. 

The advantages of kissing are much more than just a simple improvement in healthy. 

Check out the Daily Mail for more on how kissing can help you.

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