Principal bans use of food delivery apps at school

Pushing aside the notion of eating lunch at the school cafeteria, Granite Bay High School students had been ordering lunch through the food delivery app, DoorDash.

However, just before the school’s winter break, the principal banned students from ordering not just from DoorDash, but any other food delivery app service.

The reasoning behind the ban was due to ‘disruptiveness.’ Deliverers from DoorDash had to sign in each time at the school office and then school officials had to help find the students who had ordered the food. With a multitude of students using the app, it had become an inconvenience.

Students were immediately against the ban. Since the high school is considered a ‘closed campus,’ students aren’t allowed to leave during lunch hours. But students' parents are still able to drop off lunches by the front office.

Although officials from surrounding school districts have stated that issues haven’t arisen from students using food delivery apps, some districts have banned any type of food deliveries.

The principal of Granite Bay High School has allowed students to use food delivery apps, but only during after school hours and during extracurricular activities.

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