Lake Berryessa Glory Hole finally fills with water

On Friday, Lake Berryessa's Glory Hole, which has been empty for about 10 years, has finally been filled with water. 

The 'spillover' in the lake's glory hole is 'surprising,' according to Roland Sanford, General Manager of the Solano County Water Agency. The lake was only half full four months ago in October 2016, but heavy rainfalls quickly began to fill the lake. 

With the lake being at full capacity, Solano Irrigation District, or SID, opened three powerhouse generators a week ago to release around 100 cubic feet of water from the Monticelo dam. 

The spillway, better known as the 'Glory Hole,' is letting out an additional 50 cubic feet of water alone. 

The large amount of water in Lake Berryessa supplies Solano County with water and irrigation. However, the water level is still on the rise, which concerns some local residents.

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