Hack in a Dumpster: Everyone who decided not to “armor” the Oroville Dam emergency spillway

If the Oroville Dam emergency spillway had failed this week, it would have have been a disaster!  There were warnings from environmental groups in 2005, who urged officials to "armor" the spillway with concrete.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and many other water agencies ignored those warnings and left the emergency spillway as the earthen hillside that it is now.

California has been pounded with rain this winter, and the worst case scenario almost happened in Oroville. Why can't state officials do anything to keep our infrastructure in check?!

For God's sake some of our dam's manuals are so old they were written by hand in pen!

Do people have to die in order for our leaders to get some common sense?  Enough already!

Svetlana, Polish immigrants, angry Serbians, angry Ukrainians, all of you!

Grab all the FERC and water agency dweebs, raise them up, and throw them in the dumpster!

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