Strange Science: Creepy bugs that literally get 'under your skin'

The recent incident of an Indian woman having a roach taken out of her sinuses has gone viral, which raises the question of what other creepy insect can crawl into the human body?

Roaches are the most common insects to ‘invade.’ The ear is the most probable haven for roaches rather than the nose. The ear offers earwax that roaches can feed on, but while on the search, can get trapped in the somewhere else.

Because roaches aren’t that big and naval cavities are rather large, the chance for the insect to move around and stay alive in the body is very probable.

Even worse are ‘rectum invaders.’ Flies and leeches are known for entering the rectum or other parts of the body.

Although it might seem humanly impossible, staying calm if a ‘creepy crawly’ does enter a part of the body is key. Certain insects can house bacteria, and if smashed, can be released and result in infection.

To prevent such a situation from happening, keep food sealed tight and away from any other part of the house besides the kitchen. There will be a lower chance of infestations and the risk of having a creepy crawly appearing under your skin.

See the full story on NationalGeographic.

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