'Angel shots' offer safety and protection

‘Angel shots’ are appearing in bars and restaurants around the world. These particular shots assist people who are uncomfortable or feel unsafe in any way while on a date.

There are three ways to order the angel shots. The bartender will personally escort someone to their car if they order a ‘neat’ angel shot. When ordering the angel shot ‘on ice,’ the bartender will call an Uber or Lyft. In more severe circumstances, ordering an angel shot ‘with lime’ will prompt the bartender to call the police.

Some bars and restaurants have posted signs or posters informing customers of the angel shots and how to order them. Other locations throughout the world follow the same tactic, except call it ‘Ask for Angela.’

The topic of angel shots has become popular on social media which has raised a larger awareness of the strategy.

Some incidents of date rape have been reported when individuals meet through dating apps like Tinder and angel shots could act as a useful tool to prevent such a situation.  

Scott Berkowitz, president of the Rape Abuse Incest National Network, says the angel shot strategy is ‘promising.’

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