The border wall is cheaper than footing the bill for services for illegal immigrants

If the border wall stopped just 10% of new illegal immigrants, it would pay for itself by saving taxpayers from spending money on services for those illegals over their lifetimes.

A study from the Center for Immigration Studies says illegal border crossers suck out nearly $75,000 per person over their lifetimes.

$75,000!  Stopping just 200,000 illegals crossing over in the next decade would save about $15 billion.

Steven A. Camarota, a demographer and author of the report said:

“If a wall stopped half of those expected to successfully enter illegally without going through a port of entry at the southern border over the next 10 years, it would save taxpayers nearly $64 billion — several times the wall’s cost."

There are ways to pay for the wall, you don't need a literal check from Mexico.  And getting illegal immigration under control will save taxpayers so much money, money that they work hard for!

Is that such a bad thing?

Read more at the Washington Times.

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