Mongolian women busted at airport with 13 pounds of horse genitals in luggage

A few weeks ago on January 29th, customs agents at Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia stopped two Mongolian women and sent them for a routine agriculture examination.

Agents found a combined 42 pounds of horse meat concealed inside juice boxes, including 13 pounds of horse genitals that one of the women said were for medicinal purposes.

Horse meat is prohibited from coming into the country unless the traveler has an official government horse meat certification from the country of origin.

All of the women's meat was incinerated.  Nasty horse meat could bring foot-and-mouth disease into the country and wreak havoc on our livestock, which is why there are strict rules.

Foot-and-mouth disease should not be confused with foot-in-mouth disease, which is a nasty condition in which one chronically makes embarrassingly wrong or inappropriate remarks.

Foot-and-mouth disease is a virus that causes mouth and foot blisters that can rupture and cause lameness.

False remarks are bad, but lame blisters are worse.

Be careful with your horse meat, and keep it out of your luggage.

Read more at abc2 News.

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