L.A. Unified: No Protests!

L.A. Unified doesn't want their students and staff to participate in the planned "A Day Without Immigrants".

The district contacted parents and employees asking all faculty and students to attend school.

LAUSD chief of staff Alma Pena-Sanchez said on the voicemail;

“While we respect everyone’s right to have their voices heard and to participate in civic action such as protest, all students and staff are encouraged and expected to come to school.”

Protesters are asking immigrants to skip work and withdraw from the economy for the day to show the government the kind of impact they make daily.

The march is inspired by the deportation policies and border wall proposed by President Trump.

The district has set up hotlines to offer support and Pena-Sanchez says the campuses will offer a

"Safe and productive forum where students can express their thoughts and feelings.” 

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