Futuristic Bladeless Wind Turbines

No, those aren’t giant straw in the ground.

A Spanish startup company called Vortex Bladeless is making moves in turbine innovation, creating a bladeless turbine that harnesses the spinning motion of air. This design has proven to be cheaper and much easier to maintain. It’ll produce energy at a 40% lower cost compared to a bladed wind turbine. As for manufacturers, their production costs would beneficially decrease by 53%. Also since there are no rotating blades attached, the energy generator is virtually silent and is safe for low flying birds.

As a source of renewable energy, wind power has generated huge amounts of energy accompanied by a huge amount of approval. Within the past decades, wind turbines have made a name for themselves, as shown by the industry’s record global investment of $99.5 billion.

With this new, sleek design, wind power is definitely on track to becoming a staple energy resource.

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