Five Things to do to Prepare for This Weekend’s Big Storm

Look, we’re Southern Californians. Rain is not a problem we usually give much thought to. Water from the sky? That's something that happens to other people! But after four years of drought, the landscape around Los Angeles was looking a bit too much Mad Max, so we'll admit, it's nice to have the rain. 

And thanks to the ‘Pineapple Express’ currently aiming its firehouse-esque series of rainstorms toward us here in the Southland, it's beginning to be a bit much, (despite the good it's done in helping us overcome most of the drought in just a few months).

But, if'we being honest with you LA, you're getting complacent. People aren’t turning their headlights on in the rain. They’re keeping old windshield wipers, and some poor souls are still trying to drive across intersections that are clearly flooded. 

So, with another major rainstorm on the way this weekend, we here at KFI thought we could put together a list of five quick tips that will help keep you safe, dry, and able to binge-watch all the Netflix you can while hunkering down during this weekend’s big storm.

  • Change your windshield wipers.

Easy to forget, but these things wear out if you don’t change them. The real fun comes when you make your significant other change them out. There’s nothing better than watching someone try and figure out the enigma of windshield wiper installation. It’s as if MC Escher engineered the things.

  • Apply RainX to all your car windows.

A few minutes applying a product like RainX can really help your ability to see during a big rainstorm. The hydrophobic silicone polymer forces water to bead up and roll off the car’s window. SCIENCE! 

  • Buy an extra umbrella to store in your car

What Angeleno would turn down an opportunity to go shopping? Grab a new umbrella and throw the one you got as a freebie from your bank in the trunk as a spare.

  • Don’t drive through big puddles

They’re always going to be deeper than you think they are. Don’t be a hero. The insurance increase on your premiums aren’t worth it.  

  • Check your car’s emergency kit/spare tire

Do you have a working flashlight? Spare towels? A poncho? Is your spare tire inflated and good to go? Big rainstorms like the one headed for us are notorious for ripping up LA streets, so potholes will be a problem. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road without a spare while it’s pouring rain.

Bonus tip –

Download the City’s 311 app to help report potholes in your neighborhood. Your neighbors (and car) will thank you.

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