What's Hotter Than Marriage? Remarriage

The American can-do spirit is generally a helpful outlook on life.  It helps people feel more optimistic about work, health, and, apparently, marriage.

In America, remarriage is becoming more and more common.  (Remarriage?  Simply marrying someone after already being married a previous time.)  In 1960, just 13 percent of married people had been married before.  In 2013, that rate had jumped to 23 percent.

Additionally, in 2013, 40 percent of weddings had at least one previously married individual involved, while 20 percent of those weddings were of two previously married people.

That isn't to say that all divorcees are up to getting married again.  30 percent of previously married men say that they would not get married again.  Women, on the other hand, share that feeling at a 54 percent rate.

These changes may be due to the change in divorce rates over the decades.  At the start of the 20th century, about 10 percent of marriages ended in divorce.  That rate was up to 50 percent by 1985, and now sits at 52.7 percent.

With this high number of divorcees, there are simply more people that have been previously married that have the opportunity to marry again.

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Have you been married once before?  Twice?

Does remarriage carry a stigma?  

What's your story?

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