KKK leader killed by wife and stepson

KKK leader Frank Ancona’s wife and stepson have been arrested for his murder.

According to a statement, Ancona was shot dead in his bed on February 9. However, his body was discovered by a family that was fishing by a river bank in Missouri. Reports state both Frank’s wife and stepson moved his body to their car and  dumped into the river.

A few days following the discovery of Frank Ancona’s body, his wife, Malissa Ancona, was taken into custody. His stepson, Paul Jinkerson, was already in police custody for another crime.  Malissa has allegedly confessed that Jinkerson was the one who shot Frank.

After searching the Ancona home, investigators found a safe that was broken into and all weapons from the home missing.

The day after Frank’s disappearance, Malissa had posted on Facebook that she was looking for a roommate which raised a few speculating questions from Frank’s relatives.

Back in 2010, Frank and Malissa were married fully dressed in KKK garb. Malissa wore a traditional white cone hat with a white veil attached.  

Before the arrest of Malissa and Paul Jinkerson, white supremacists accused the U.S. government of assassinating Frank Ancona.

Both Malissa and stepson Paul are charged with first degree murder, tampering with evidence, abandonment of corpse, and felony armed criminal action.  

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