But Can Women Drive To It?

Saudi Comic Con is happening in the city of Jeddah from February 16-18.

Some folks there are NOT digging this incursion of western culture. They are even tweeting their displeasure using a hashtag that refers to attendees as devil worshippers.

There have been other comic book conventions in the Middle East, but this is the first official Comic Con in Saudi Arabia. This had to be approved by the General Authority for Entertainment, an arm of the Saudi government which controls big events.

The rules for cosplay will be much stricter than here in the United States: No offensive symbols, no revealing outfits, and absolutely no cross-dressing allowed.

Also, men and women will be kept separated, so this will not be a good place for hookups.

This will be allowed

Maybe this:

Probably not this:

Not sure if that's even a comic book character....

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