How to get fired by the president

The first days of Trump's presidency has been anything but uneventful. On Monday night, National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned. Flynn stated in his resignation letter that the reason for his departure was due to his mistake of relaying false information to Vice President Mike Pence regarding telephone calls he had with the Russian ambassador. 

However, this is not the only way to lose a job in the White House. Here is a list of ways to be fired or forced to resign by the president.

 1 General Stanley McChrystal was fired by President Barack Obama for mocking the White House in a Rolling Stones article in 2010. 

2  Desiree Rogers, social secretary for Obama, was fired when Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashed a State dinner. 

3 Paul O'Neill, first treasure secretary under George W. Bush, was asked to resign in 2002 when O'Neill disagreed with the White House on ways to appease a mounting federal deficit and when reports tallied high unemployment rates. 

4 Shirley Sherrod was fired under Obama when a Breitbart video falsely portrayed her saying she didn't defend "a white farmer in distress" to the best of her ability. 

5 Joycelyn Elders resigned under Clinton's presidency when she discussed the topic of masturbation during an AIDS conference which proved controversial. 

See the full list at CNN.

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