Renters say Southern California is not for lovers.

Survey says: Renters in Southern California suck at dating.

For Valentine’s Day, Apartment List surveyed 13,000 renters asking them “How would you rate your current city or neighborhood for opportunities to date and make friends?”

The result was pretty dismal.  30 major cities were surveyed and the results were pretty embarrassing for the not-so sexy SoCal dating scene.  

And while it may not surprise some it was still pretty sad to discover our brothers and sisters in the Inland Empire coming in dead last in the overall rankings, with just 28 percent indicating they were satisfied with their dating life. 

And before LA and OC get too snooty they ranked only 23 of 30, with a paltry 45 percent level of happiness with their love life. That said, the nationwide number wasn't much better, it sits at 48 percent.

IE's women renters were especially hard on the region’s dating culture. Only 26 percent of them were satisfied with the dating scene -- the worst score.  L.A./O.C. drew 43 percent satisfaction, ranking #24.

As for the dudes of L.A. and O.C. -- 50% of the male renters gave a thumbs up, coming in at #13. And guys living in the the Inland Empire 44 percent approved of their options, placing them at #22..

Overall, the survey found women renters nationwide were more critical than men.

To see the best city for finding love head over to our friends over at the OC Register

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