Oroville Dam wasn't on Jerry Brown's $100 billion infrastructure wish list

The Oroville Dam has been a ticking time bomb for years.  Governor Jerry Brown just put out his $100 billion 'wish list' of infrastructure projects, but the Oroville Dam is wasn't even mentioned in it.

Most of the projects on the list involve transportation-related projects such as highways, bridges, rail, or transit.

Oroville is the state's second-largest reservoir and experts have been warning about its failure for years.

But Jerry Brown would rather pay attention to and spend money on High Speed Rail rather than spend money on fixing our water infrastructure.

Our wet years are cyclical, this kind of thing will happen again.  We need to spend money on stuff that really matters in this state.

It's time for common sense in California!  It's like Assemblyman Jim Patterson from Fresno says, the policies of the ruling party in this state are backwards and upside down.

We couldn't agree more!

Assemblyman Patterson talked with us this afternoon.  Check out his interview below:

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