United pilot freaks out, rants about her divorce and politics

It was a pretty cringe-worthy and uncomfortable moment on a United flight over the weekend.

Passengers on a flight from Austin to San Francisco didn't know what to think after their pilot boarded the plane in street clothes, grabbed the PA mic, and started ranting about her divorce and the presidential election.

According to one passenger, the pilot called Trump and Clinton "a**holes" and said she was going "to be on Oprah."

Some passengers got so upset and worried that they got up and left the plane.  Another pilot was eventually brought in, and the flight continued about two hours later. 

United said it would discuss the incident with the pilot.

Sounds like she could use a little time off.  That's not the kid of person who should be transporting people in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air.

We'll pass on that flight, thank you.

Read more at WGNTV.

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