Hannah and Derek Jeter Announce First Pregnancy

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Project Runway: Junior host and former New York Yankees shortstop are expecting their first child!

The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model made the announcement Monday morning on The Players’ Tribune, where she also talks about the beginning of their relationship and later finding out his baseball super-stardom.

“Up to that point, I’d only really known him as Derek, this great guy I was dating. This was the first time I’d seen him as Derek Jeter: a New York icon, a Yankees hero,” said the model.

The couple met in 2013 and became husband and wife in July 2016. Jeter, who played for the New York Yankees for all 20 years of his iconic baseball career, retired in 2014 with 5 World Series Championships under his belt to focus on starting his family.

“I look forward to having a family. I just don’t think personally I would have been able to juggle family and my career at the same time… I have the utmost respect for these guys that are able to do it—you know, missing their kids’ birthdays and not being able to see them play tee ball or summer ball and missing a lot of time,” said Jeter before he played his final home game.

In the letter, she talks about how she is sad her children won’t be able to experience that part of Derek’s life. The mom-to-be hasn’t said how far along she is, but Derek already has a name for the girl.  Hannah, who isn’t as set as her husband, wrote, “Whatever her name is, I know she’ll run circles around him.”

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