Former Caltrans director says roads are the worst he's ever seen

Our roads suck, even Caltrans knows this.

Former Caltrans director Will Kempton has spent the last four decades as a top transportation planner in California.  According to him, the conditions of our roadways are horrendous:

"This is the worst I have ever seen."

69-year-old Kempton, who is  retiring as executive director of the advocacy group Transportation California, said he's "frustrated and disappointed" that the state has failed for decades to agree on a plan to pay for $136 billion of repairs on state highways and local roads.

Governor Brown and lawmakers have set an April 6th deadline for reaching a funding deal.

Kempton says the situation with our roads is a dire one:

“The transportation system is in bad shape.  We have just underinvested in our transportation infrastructure for decades, and it’s coming home to roost. Particularly after the recent storms, our roads are in very, very bad shape.”

Where the hell does all out tax money go if our roads keep getting worse?  California's answer to fixing roads is to raise taxes, but the roads don't look any better!

So what's going on?!

We know that people like Jerry Brown and Eric Garcetti want to control us and change how we live.  They don't even want us in our cars in the first place, because to them its evil.

Perhaps letting the roads crumble is just part of their plan?

With a supermajority in both houses of the Legislature, it wouldn't be a surprise if we saw gas and car taxes go up to fund crumbling roads.

They tax the hell out of us, and then they throw money at their fairy tale train...

Read more at the LA Times.

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