Cars catch fire in Disneyland parking structure, no injuries

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Several cars caught fire in the main parking structure Monday at Disneyland,and about a half-dozen people are being treated for smoke inhalation, authorities said.

The fires that broke out at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure were extinguished about 30 minutes after they were reported, and firefighters were working to clear smoke. The structure had been evacuated and shut down, but five to seven people are being treated for smoke inhalation,police said.

Gray smoke could be seen pouring out of the structure when the blazes were first reported on the level 3 "Mickey" section, but it was slowly starting to dissipate.

There was no immediate word on a cause.

The Mickey & Friends Structure, with sections named for Disney characters and trams that take visitors to the entrance to the Disney Resort's two theme parks, is a familiar spot for millions of visitors who pay $18 to park then return to their cars exhausted after long days.

"A lot of people are just tired, they've been here all day. It's more of a nuisance than anything,"Darren Clark, whose family of four couldn't get to their car because of the shutdown, told KNBC-TV."I'm kind of hoping it's not my vehicle."

The Disney parks themselves remain open. Disney representatives referred questions about the blaze to fire officials.

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