BART might declare itself 'Sanctuary in Transit'

We've got sanctuary campuses, sanctuary cities, maybe even sanctuary states (please God California don't be that stupid), we've got sanctuary everything.

The whole thing has really gotten out of hand.

Now, the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) is looking at becoming "a sanctuary in transit" for illegal immigrants.

Yes BART, the same mismanaged organization whose janitors are getting away with taking home obscene amounts of money.

Now they want to pull this nonsense?!

The 'sanctuary' policy would limit its police force from enforcing federal immigration laws, rendering another agency impotent and unable to enforce the law.

A BART board director Lateefah Simon said:

“I’m deeply convinced that the train and transit system should not be part of a deportation machine."

The "deportation machine?"

How long before these kinds of policies lead to another death like Kate Steinle's?  

And will our leaders be outraged?  Probably not.

Read more at the LA Times.

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