What to watch out for if you buy rotisserie chicken

Do you think rotisserie chicken? Because you're probably wrong. 

Food safety consultant, Jeff Nelken, says there are rules and things to look out for before you enjoy your tasty dinner. 

“Go for the ones that are hotter as opposed to the ones that are cooler, because you know this one has been receiving adequate temperature” Nelken told FOX 11

Producer: “Is that hot enough for these?”

Store employee: “Yes it is. What the book says.”

Producer: “I just don’t want the people who I’m serving this to get sick. That’s why I’m asking.”

Employee: “We have to go by what the book says.”

In order to not get sick while enjoying a rotisserie chicken you should choose the hottest chicken which means that it has been getting adequate heat. the danger is when the chicken falls below 140 degrees because that is when bacteria can grow. 

Also, if you plan to immediately refrigerate your bird you should cut it up first and package it correctly so it cools faster and doesn't grow bacteria. 

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