This marijuana covered Yeti wreaks havoc on a newscast

It’s 2017, so it shouldn’t be that surprising that Bigfoot’s learned how to photobomb.

This week, New England’s been literally plowing through a massive snowstorm. Yet, this blizzard doesn’t seem to be keeping any yetis away. Except-this yeti was in a ghillie suit unlike any we've seen before.

 A “pot sassquatch” was seen playing around in the snow-covered streets during a news broadcast in Springfield, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, Jennifer Pagliei’s snowstorm weather report for WWLP-22News was definitely upstaged by this marijuana-“laced” yeti.

Though at first she was unaware of the creature’s entrance, the meteorologist turns around mid-report and can barely finish the broadcast due to uncontrollable laughter. 

The broadcast shows clips of the marijuana-masked monster falling into a snowbank and walking along ice-covered streets. This mythical beast was upstaging her big time. 

It turns out that pot Sasquatch is actually the mascot for a neighborhood garden supply shop called PotCo. As implied by the name, PotCo specializes in growing and selling cannabis products.

Despite being a scene-stealer, let’s give this weed covered Bigfoot the benefit of a doubt. He could just be exercising his right to recreational marijuana, since Massachusetts legalized it last November. 

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