True Crime Thursday: Lovers hatch plan to kill husband, test poison on dog

Mother-of-two, Sabrina Limon and her ex-lover, Jonathan Michael Hearn, are both facing prison time for plotting the murder of Limon’s husband, Robert.

In San Bernardino county, Sabrina Limon and Hearn were having an affair. The couple wanted to continue but, Limon’s husband, Robert, stood in the way. For Limon, divorce was out of the question so they decided to do the next best thing and murder her husband.

The initial plan to kill her husband was to give him pudding laced with arsenic, but they needed a test subject first, and a neighborhood puppy served as their first victim.

With Robert’s death, Sabrina Limon and Hearn would not only have the easy opportunity to continue their affair, but up for grabs was a $300,000 life insurance policy. 

Afraid that authorities would trace the arsenic poisoning back to Limon and Hearn, another plan had to be conjured up. Robert was shot in the head twice while at work back in 2014. Surveillance footage showed Hearn leaving the scene moments following Robert’s murder.

Hearn was arrested while Limon was able to roam free without any speculation while the investigation continued.  However, a little after two years and a few days before Hearn’s trial, Limon was also taken into custody after he turned on her and told cops of the entire plot.

First-degree murder charges were lifted from Hearn while Sabrina Limon is now facing life in prison.

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