Hack in a Dumpster: 9th Circuit Judges who upheld block on Trump travel ban

The hysteria over Trump just won't go away, and yesterday was a huge slap in the face to the presidency.  

A panel of three judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 against President Trump, continuing the block on the travel ban from seven countries.

The President was well within his powers in issuing the order, but the sore loser snowflakes get worked up into a tizzy over everything he does.

If they actually calmed down and tried to understand what the order is, they would understand that it's not a Muslim ban.

But emotions have taken over many people, including judges who are supposed to uphold the law.  

So tonight, we're throwing the three 9th Circuit judges into the dumpster.  They're all hacks!

We're throwing in Judge William Canby, Judge Michelle T. Friedland and Judge Richard Clifton.

Svetlana, Ukrainians, angry Polish immigrants, the whole gang's here!  Pick them up one by one and chuck 'em in!

To the dumpster, with you! 

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