Eat This, Trump!

Via Pizza Marketing Quarterly:

A man named Hakki came to the United States from Turkey, and found himself living in a homeless shelter. Now, he owns the very popular Champion Pizza in NYC. While never forgetting his humble beginnings, he decided to offer a fancy pizza with a special twist.

The Trump-themed pie spells out Trump's name in edible gold. There is a big portion of caviar, and at least six kinds of expensive cheese. The basic version costs $5,000. For $10,000 you can get one wth double the amount of fancy toppings. 

Sounds like just another of those hyper-luxurious stunts for rich people. But this story has a twist:

You can't pay Champion PIzza for this pie. The only way you can buy it is to write a check directly to the Bowery shelter. Hakki intends to raise $50,000 for the shelter that helped him so much.

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