It's all in the hips... These moves are scientifically proven to be sexy

Here is an example of a good dancer according to the study. 

Below is an example of a bad dancer. 

Researchers have come to a conclusion about what dance moves determine what makes women appear more attractive and better dancers.

Nick Neave, an associate professor of psychology at Northumbria University in England, believes movement in the hips and limbs are considered key components when determining if a woman is a good dancer or not.  Neave says “One is, they’re showing off their reproductive quality, perhaps their hormonal status, to males,” and “Another is, they’re showing off how good they are to female rivals.”

Neave conducted a research study where 39 female students had to dance to a drum beat while their moves were tracked by a motion-capture system. The women were turned into an avatar, so only the dance moves could be focused on.

The compilation of the women dancing was shown to 57 men and the dance moves were rated. The result of the study showed that movement in the hips was the main factor in determining good dance moves.

See the full story on the NYTIMES.

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