'Blind Boo' will steal your heart

Meet Blind Boo....

It's clear that Blind Boo doesn't let his condition stop him from living the best life possible....LOOK AT HOW HAPPY HE IS!  

Check out Blind Boo's Instagram.

This story hit me hard because Blind Boo is a product of puppy mills, which MAKE ME SO ANGRY.

I found out from several friends in the rescue community, that the USDA just BANNED the public from viewing an online database that listed dog and cat breeding facilities, AND terminated access to the inspection reports of those facilities.

So, even if you wanted to get a dog or cat from those facilities (I would hope and encourage you to instead go to your local rescue group or shelter and adopt a new best friend) you can not view the inspection reports, so you have NO IDEA if that facility has been cited before for inhumane or unsafe animal conditions.

This will allow irresponsible breeding and horrific conditions all outside public view.

A Change.org petition that is calling for the reversal of this policy says:

"Many cities and states regulate or ban the sale of puppy mill animals, but without timely access to the USDA's information they cannot properly enforce their laws.  Municipalities that wish to enact similar legislation also need USDA reports when determining if their local pet shops use puppy mill breeders who violate the Animal Welfare Act."

I encourage you to do what I did and sign the Change.org petition HERE.

And by the way, if you're worried about Blind Boo bumping in to things and hurting his head, don't worry, his owners got him a halo, which will help!


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