Mother's detention in Arizona immigration case sparks protests

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has taken into custody Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 36, a mother of two, who has been living in the United States illegally since the age of 14. 

Back in 2008, Garcia de Rayos was discovered with false papers and convicted with felony identity theft.

Obama's previous order on deportation that only focused on illegal immigrants charged with violent offenses Rayos was able to remain in the country.  President Trump's new immigration orders have created stricter deportation rules for illegal immigrants and now she may be in danger of being deported. 

Garcia de Rayos has been residing in Arizona and continuously checked in with ICE every six months. However, on Wednesday, she was arrested due to a previous removal order which was finalized back in May 2013, said the ICE in a written statement. 

Carlos Garcia, the director of the immigrant advocacy group Puente Arizona said, "She went in with the lawyer and didn't come out. That was pretty much all there was." 

Protesters, seven of whom were taken into custody, leaped to Garcia de Rayos's defense, blocking a van that she was in and said, “Not one more.” 

A stay-of-removal request had been filed to ICE by the group, Puente Arizona, stating the original arrest of Garcia de Rayos was unconstitutional. Their request has been denied.

See the full story on the LATIMES and AZCentral.

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