We've got the REAL Harambe Cheeto

Harambe the gorilla may be dead, but his memory will live on forever.  You've heard of Jesus appearing in grilled cheeses and stained wood?  Well, here's something just as miraculous.

Harambe-shaped cheetos.  One man in Burbank was able to get nearly $100,000 on eBay for his cheeto, which looks just like the noble ape himself.

Well guess what?  We've got one too, and ours could be worth just as much, maybe even more than $100,000.  Look at it, it looks just like him!  Miracle!

We've got it up on eBay, and as of right now we're at $48.00.  Keep the bids coming!  If you want to own a piece of history, you'll bid big.

Trust us, bidding on this cheeto will be the best decision you've ever made in your whole entire life.

Click here to bid!  

Rest in peace, Harambe.  May you spend eternity with the greats in Heaven!

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