Woman dies after getting arm stuck in donation box

56-year-old Judith Permar was found dead Monday after getting her arm stuck in a clothing donation bin that had collapsed beneath her.

She broke her wrist and died of a combination of blunt force trauma and hypothermia.

It's not clear why she was at the bin, but it looks like she was there trying to take things out of it.

Mount Carmel Township police chief Brian Hollerbush said:

"She was fishing bags out and the ladder she was standing on gave way and she couldn't get her hand loose."

Bags filled with shoes and clothes were found on the ground near the bin, and her black Hummer was found close by with the engine still running.

Her daughter, Angela Minnig, posted this shortly after her death:

"It was very sudden and our family will learn to cope with the loss of such an amazing Wife, Mother, Sister and Friend.  She was such a fun loving person and we know it would mean the world to her to say 'See you Again."

This seems like such a fishy way to die.  What was she doing taking things out of the bin?  Trying to cover something up?  Maybe she accidentally put something in there that she instead wanted to keep?


Read more at the NY Daily News.

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