Ways to Avoid the Treacherous Food Coma

What could be more uncomfortable than suffering from a food coma?

Food comas are a highly talked about incident that actually affects many people throughout the world. After devouring a delicious but rather big meal, the body seems to go into a slump and the brain literally forgets how to function.

The food coma is so real that scientists have developed a term for it: Postprandial Somnolence.

David Levitsky, professor of psychology and nutrition at Cornell University, said blood flow leaves the brain and muscles and goes to the stomach when eating. “And when blood volume goes down in the brain, we get woozy and tired."

Food comas have an affect on a person’s productivity and ability to function properly. So how can a person actually avoid food comas, but still have the pleasure of eating?

The answer is to follow a few basic and simple steps.

1 Instead of eating solid foods, eat liquid meals like soup. This is lighter on the stomach.

2 Clear away from foods with a high glycemic index which causes blood sugar to fluctuate up and down.

3 Usually eating lunch at noon or a little after is part of a typical daily routine. However, it’s recommended to eat lunch before noon. Eating during the usual afternoon slump is never a good idea, for it could actually make people even more tired.

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