Producer Michelle's #FeelGoodNews!

There is so much negative and angry news out there, that I'm constantly on the lookout for something that makes me FEEL good, usually that means something to do with animals.

But this week, I saw a local story out of the Press Telegram that just warmed my heart.

Randy Davis is 33 years old, a high school dropout who held a few fast food jobs over the years.

But after a breakup, he had a hard time and eventually became homeless.

Randy says:

"I'm not crazy. I was just kind of lost in life, brokenhearted."

To be able to get a little money, he started to panhandle, he says he never really liked doing it, but it was the only way for him to survive from day to day.

One of his regular spots was the 7-11 store at Ninth and Gaffey in San Pedro.

The owner of the store says Randy was always polite, always left the property when asked to by staff, and had even offered to keep the parking lot clean in exchange for food.  Many regular customers knew Randy by name.

Eventually, the owner handed Randy an application and told him to fill it out.

Randy did, and three weeks ago, he was hired to work the overnight shift, five days a week, earning minimum wage. 

Randy says he's thankful for the chance the store owner has given him and he's now working on saving enough money so he can stop living on the street. 

He told the Press Telegram:

"Don't give up.  Have faith in yourself and in the people out there who will help you."

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