Women facing anxiety disorder caused by headlines

There is a new mental health discovery that has a lot of people talking. It's called ‘headline stress disorder.’ More and more people are suffering from this with higher incidence in women. 

The seemingly overwhelming choices in news outlets, including social media, have ongoing alerts of information that make people, specifically, women feel stressed. 

With headlines continuously popping up on our phones throughout the day it is difficult to avoid the continuous stream of news. Dr. Steven Stosny, a Maryland-based therapist, explains that certain headlines affect women so much that they feel either rejected or unsafe. He explains that in this time with a president that has openly talked about women in a demeaning way it has left many women feeling unsure about what is to come. Many headlines that correspond with belittling women can easily make women feel stressed.

The research shows men and women in relationships simply do not experience the same emotions that comes from headlines. Therefore, women feel alone since they cannot connect with their partner about how the news is affecting their lives. 

Women have to connect with other women for support to help manage anxiety caused from ‘headline stress disorder.’

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