Obama endorses Garcetti for re-election

Further cementing his place in Satan's Lake of Fire, former President Barack Obama has come out and endorsed Eric Garcetti for re-election.

Obama said in a written statement:

“I strongly endorse Eric Garcetti for a second term as mayor of Los Angeles...my friend, a loyal ally and a great and visionary mayor of Los Angeles.”

Obama credited mayor snowflake for "creating jobs, raising the minimum wage, and expanding economic opportunity."

He also praised him for getting Measure M passed, which is a very stupid sales tax increase to pay for public transportation projects.

Garcetti said he's "honored and humbled" to have Obama's support.

What a couple of knob slobberers these guys are.

If you live in L.A. city, don't vote for Garcetti.  He loves to raise taxes, and he's okay with the city protecting illegal criminals.

Him and Obama are hacks!

Read more at the LA Daily News.

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