KTVU investigates BART janitor who made $270K

A quarter of a million dollars for doing janitorial work?

That's what one BART janitor is raking in, and it's raising some serious questions about the management up there.

 Janitor Liang Zhao Zhang's made $57,945 in base pay in 2015.  But according to Transparent California, he also took in $162,050 in overtime bringing his salary to $271,243.

According to Zhang's time cards, he worked 17 hours a day for 18 days straight.  How the hell is that possible?!

In fact, BART paid Zhang for every single day of 2015.

BART’s Chief Transportation Officer Roy Aguilera says its possible because Zhang never refuses extra work and picks up much of the overtime hours offered.


From 2012 to 2015 Zhang has made over $705,000, and he's not the only one raking in the dough.

There are 49 other BART janitors who made more than $100,000 in 2015, and none of the employees have been audited.

This is some racket they're running up there!  A total misuse of taxpayer money!

You wanna make money?  Go be a janitor for BART!  You could live a pretty nice life up there in the bay with that kind of money.

Watch KTVU's investigative story.  More journalists should be doing this kind of work.

Read more at KTVU.

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