Chaotic scene unfolds at LAX with 'Cash Me Outside' girl

Upon her catchphrase, 'Cash me outside,' going viral last year after an appearance on Dr. Phil, Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli is once again in the spotlight. 

he teenager was boarding on a Spirits Airlines flight Monday night along with her mother, who is in a cast. A 'dispute' erupted when a fellow passenger believed the mother was going too slow. Danielle claims the passenger laid her hands on her mother which prompted her to throw a nasty little punch.

All three were escorted off the plane and no arrests were made, leaving the situation in the hands of their lucky lawyers. 

Danielle posted a video online of replaying the scene using a pillow. On social media, Bregoli said, "“She got her ass whupped by a 13-year-old."

Other videos have been posted online of the fight, which shows a chaotic scene of Bregoli screaming at the passenger. Bregoli and her mother are banned from Spirits Airlines for life, most likely leaving the teenager questioning over and over again, “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

See the full story and videos on TheDailyBeast and TMZ.

See the original video where the "Cash Me Outside" girl made an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show.

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