California wants ratepayers to subsidize electric cars

Electric cars aren't taking off quite yet, at least not the way our leaders would like them to.

They're just too expensive and inconvenient right now, and our infrastructure isn't ready for them to be in the mainstream.

Last year Americans bought a record 17.55 million new cars and trucks, but only 157,000 of them were electric.

Politicians want utility customers to foot the bill for wealthy electric car drivers because the private sector isn't really interested in them either.

But California lawmakers want us to look past the flaws and live in a fairy tale world where we all pitch in, and lead the nation in the green cause!

They have their hearts set on a $1 billion car charging scheme, which ratepayers would pay for.

So don't be surprised if your rates go up, the state sure loves to spend your hard earned money!

Read more at the San Diego Union Tribune.

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