Women al-Qaeda combatants fight U.S. Troops

The raid in Yemen this past Sunday was meant to gather intelligence on a terror group related to al Qaeda, however women al Qaeda combatants firing at U.S. troops shook up the mission.

 The raid mission was planned before Trump had taken oath into office, but "operational reasons" stalled Obama from giving his assent. Both US Navy SEALs and forces from the UAE were involved in the mission. 

Those involved with al Qaeda at the target zone took note of U.S. officials approaching and thus opened fire, fatally wounding Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens. 

Some al Qaeda fighter, who took position on top of a roof close to the target area, including not only men, but women too. U.S. troops called for an airstrike which inflicted casualties on 14 al Qaeda combatants and an exact number on civilian casulaties is still in calculation. 

However, one of those casualties does include 8-year-old, Nawar Anwar Al-Awalki, the daughter of deceased al Qaeda leader, Anwar Al-Awalki.

US Central Command said in a statement that the raid concluded in gathering information that is proving to offer valuable intelligence on preventing future terrorist attacks and Trump labels the raid mission as a success.

Trump paid his respects to Owens and his family this past Wednesday at Dover Air Force base.

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