Trump Sign Offers Source for 'Protest Selfies'

Protests and resistance against Trump can be spotted at airports and the streets, but the Trump National Golf Club sign in Palos Verdes, California is a new source to use to protest. 

The sign gives protesters ample opportunity to take "protest selfies."One woman used her lipstick to write the letters "puto" all over the sign. She says, "This isn't a political statement; this is a human statement."

A handful of other protestors had a lot to say about the current president, including their disapproval and anger towards Trump. 

Another protestor, David from Redondo Beach, took a selfie with the sign with his middle finger up pointing to Trump's name. 

"It's only been a week and he's done so much bad stuff," says another protestor, Stephon who resides in Palos Verdes. 

Yossef, who is an American citizen Ohio and of Lebanese decent, drove up to the sign with his daughter to properly show their distaste of the president. "When you discriminate against a whole race or religion, it's as pure as bigotry can get."

As protestors approach the sign to show their disapproval and dissent, patrol officers from Los Angeles County approached to investigate reports. One officer had to wipe off the lipstick from earleir that was scribbled onto the sign and says there have been a number of reports rolling in about vandalizing the sign.

See the full story on The Hollywood Reporter.

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