Homemade Explosive Tossed Into Pasadena Restaurant

Police in Pasadena were searching Friday for a man dressed in all black – who set off a home made explosive device inside the lobby of a Cheesecake Factory restaurant.

No one was hurt and nothing was damaged in the incident Thursday evening on Colorado Blvd., but employees and customers were started and frightened by the noise, light, and smoke.

“We believe that this device was home made,” said Pasadena Police Department Lt. Mark Goodman. “The motive for placing the object is unknown at this time.”

He said it could have been done as a prank, or it could have been the work of a disgruntled customer or employee.

“That device is being characterized as a home made pyrotechnic device, as opposed to a destructive device,” he said, the latter being something designed to cause injuries.

The man who did it was tall and thin, Hispanic or Middle-Eastern, with a full beard. He was seen walking away from the restaurant.

The Cheesecake Factory said the restaurant reopened Friday.

“Thankfully none of our guests or staff was injured,” company spokeswoman Alethea Rowe said.

-- Eric Leonard (@LeonardFiles) in Pasadena

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