Whittier Man Allegedly Dumped Father With Dementia in England

The tragic story of Roger Curry begins in Hereford, England just over a year ago when he appeared in a local bus station car park, with no idea who he was, or any identifying documents. 

The man (now identified as 76-year-old Roger Curry), was taken by Hereford police to the county hospital where tests revealed that the elderly man had dementia - a debilitating disease that often affects its victim's memory, personality changes and impaired reasoning.

A BBC report on the investigation revealed there were no matches to Curry's description in their missing person reports. Eventually, Curry was taken to a nursing home while the investigation into his identity continued. Months passed, with no answers to who Curry actually was, or where he had come from. 

It was only after a report about Curry aired during a special on the BBC that it sparked something. One woman posted a photo from high school that strongly resembled the man found in Hereford. 

An investigative journalist with Panorama flew to the US where he interviewed the woman with Curry's photo. Subsequent clues led him to Whittier where he found a local resident that recognized Curry's photo. 

But how did a 76-year-old man suffering from dementia end up wandering a bus station parking lot? Turns out, Curry may have been flown to England and left there by his son and daughter-in-law. 

Panorama's investigation uncovered the strange story of what happened to Curry's home in Whittier. Despite being badly damaged by a fire in 2014, Curry was seen wandering around the damaged home, while his wife was found on a mattress on the property. Their son was bringing them food, and locking his parents on the premises. 

After Curry's son Kevin was confronted by Panorama's reporter, Kevin claimed that he and his father had traveled to England for a vacation. When Curry got ill, Kevin said that he had asked a friend to take his father to the hospital. 

According to CBS2, Curry has returned to California and is now living in a health care facility in the Los Angeles area. 

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