New lawsuit against CA "High Speed Rail"

Opponents of California High Speed Rail, or as we like to call it, the Browndoggle, filed papers Tuesday alleging that the state legislature violated the state constitution with it passed a law last year modifying the $9 billion high speed rail bond act voters approved in 2008.

If the lawsuit delays access to bond money, it'll put another wrench in construction and slow things down even more.

The suit goes after AB1889, which greenhouse gas bag Jerry Brown signed and passed.  The Rail Authority slapped together two funding plans to tap the bonds.

One plan provided funding for the segment to nowhere, the lame Merced to Shafter segment.  The other plan provided Caltrain with $819 million to electrify existing commuter rail lines in the Bay Area.

It should be said again and again, that there's nothing "high speed" about either of those portions of track.

That's what the money's supposed to be paying for in the first place!

The legislature amended changed the bond act so to allow spending so long as the state has a plan to eventually run high speed trains on the tracks once it has the money.

What kind of crap is that?!  How long will that take?!  The plan keeps changing all the time, and it's not at all what is was when voters first approved it.

President Trump, are you able to put an end to this nonsense?

What a whacked out state California is!  Free stuff for illegals and wasting our tax money on a bulls**t "high speed" train to nowhere.

That's what Sacramento cares about.

Read more at the LA Times.

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